Hatha Yoga Poses

2286643424 7d7e2bfa04 m Hatha Yoga PosesHatha Yoga originated in India. The Sanskrit texts, which discuss this way of life include chakras (energy centers), nadis (channels), shakti (forces) and other ideologies. These ancient Sanskrit texts credit Lord Shiva as the author of Hatha Yoga. Lord Shiva is an Indian deity who constantly renewed the cycle of creation in the destruction of the ego. He presented this concept, in privacy, to his wife, the Goddess Parvati. A fish that was later transformed into a powerful yogi overheard the discussion. His became known as Matsyendranath who was the first Nartha Yogi. Nartha Yogis taught their disciples Hatha Yoga.

The objective of physical poses of this discipline is to maintain a comfortable position for a long period of time. Meditation is more easily mastered after a student has learned some yogi positions and is able to maintain these positions for lengthy periods. If the body is comfortable, the mind is then free to explore a spiritual realm.

Hatha Yoga Poses in the Western World

The western world uses the above techniques, through Hatha yoga poses, to improve overall body health. Specific movements through postures and stretches improve muscle tone and release body tension. People participating in healthy yoga routines on a regular basis claim improved sleep quality, lowered blood pressure, increased blood circulation and improved heart rates.

Some of the more common Hatha Yoga poses have names such as Cobbler’s Pose, Half Moon and Happy Baby. These poses concentrate on different physical areas and improve physical and mental health. Mental health improves by refocusing the mind and the physical by stretching those affected muscles.

3776338564 dff3ae4a70 m Hatha Yoga PosesBeginning Hatha yoga poses focus on the lower body including the spine, back, hips and legs. The exercises are gentle and decrease the tension of daily life that seems to settle in these parts of the body. Once you gain some experience you will see improved flexibility in these parts of the body. However, Hatha yoga isn’t restricted to these areas. You can do classes that cover specific areas of the body or classes that work out the whole body.

If you are interested in doing these poses in the comfort of your home, you can find free videos that demonstrate these types of exercises online. First, think about what you want to get out of your yoga routine. There are beginning exercise videos that range from:

  • focusing on athletes
  • concentrating on improving the health of the elderly
  • stretch the hamstrings, hips and/or lower back
  • stretch the spine, shoulders, neck and back
  • focus on the hands, wrists, arms and shoulders
  • or stretch the neck to relieve headaches and neck tension
  • other restorative beginning videos improve sleep and breathing.

At www.DoYogaWithMe.com you can find many different Hatha yoga classes that target many different areas of the body. These videos vary in length and also range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The demonstrated exercises are accompanied with a music that moves you into a calmer state that helps you to focus on your body while you explore the postures. The following is one of DoYogaWithMe’s yoga classes.

Although Hatha Yoga poses are centuries old, the benefits of this fine art cannot be minimized for the western mind. Hatha means the union of the sun and moon. The concept is the uniting of opposite pairs, such as the physical body and the mind. Yoga may be defined as creation and teaching a student to become a part of creation. When practiced diligently these procedures may reduce the ego to the extent the student becomes one with the universe.

To accomplish the uniting, this ancient Indian technique has many different positions referred to as asanas. Asana positions include prone positions, headstands and other positions maintained for some time. In conjunction with asanas, the student performs Pranayamas or breathing exercises. Hatha Yoga exercises prepare the body and may prevent injuries, which may be caused by other physical practices. Breathing exercise could reduce the discomfort caused by certain respiratory ailments.

Western culture focuses on relaxation and healing the body. Although the main purpose of the ideology is clouded or ignored in western culture, the benefits of practicing the positions and breathing are not lost to the western civilization. Breathing exercises calms the mind so westerner may comprehend alternative solutions. Hatha Yoga Poses teaches the westerner emotional control as well as physical muscle and body control.

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