A complete overview about Ai Beauty Clinic

Ai Beauty is namely known out to be one of the reputable London’s leading aesthetic clinic specializing in the categories of the cosmetic injections and also the microblading. This center is located in the place of Oxford Street, London. Since the time they are established, they are being serving out with almost 8000 clients and has been all put together with the treatment of the London’s best and yet as being the most renowned cosmetic injections and microblading treatment providers. They are best putting ahead in combining with the medium of being the most advanced non-surgical treatments from the place of US and Europe, that is all the more enabling us to provide on with the bespoke treatment plans that aim out with the aspects of the satisfy patient needs.

Ai Beauty clinic believe out in accessing with the high quality range of the continuous learning and so as in order to insist our surgeons, as well as nurses and all support staff which they receive ongoing training in the UK and also overseas. At the end of the day they are all ensuring patients to receive upon with the highest level of medical standards and so as the medium of excellent expertise.

Ai Beauty Clinic

What is Non Invasive genetic testing all about?

Ai Beauty clinic has get into the partnership with the leading genetic testing labs in the place of United Kingdom to provide with the most comprehensive allergy genetic testing. It would be carried out by using some of the hair samples. They will make the use of the hair samples as for storing of the data for the sake of the data in view with the longer unlike blood and urine. They are equipped with the comprehensive system that is offering with the Nutritional Deficiency Tests and also with the access of the Metals Toxicity Tests. We are all involved in terms of testing of the 600 Non IgE-mediated allergies adding upon with the 300 food and also about the non-food items. We will be stepping ahead in using with the high quality and yet the latest Bioresonance technology to diagnose your timeline of the allergies. We keep the test complete simple, quick and easy in terms of understanding. They are much helpful as in view with the removal of the bloating, all along with the lethargy and aches and pains through the way of some accurate results. It would be removing off with the guess work from the side of the body. You will be getting closer with the complete list of your Non IgE-mediated allergies and would also be able to discover upon with the main cause of painful symptoms and search out with how to avoid them. In simple at the end of the day it will be helpful as to improve your health and daily life.

So on the whole we would say that Ai Beauty clinic is the best platform for high quality and advanced testing. To get successful results, be the part of our company platform right now!

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